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Volunteers Needed!


Thanks to all our volunteers - new and re-curring - who helped us provide home repairs. We could not provide the depth and number of projects and repairs without your assistance and support!

Carpentry not your skill area? THAT’S OK!

We have lots of other opportunities for volunteers including registration assistance, snack and lunch coordination and delivery, clean-up crews and other non-Rebuilding Day tasks.

Thank you to everyone who made
NRD 2017 a success!


It rained on us again this year but our volunteers were still able to get many repairs completed.  It's becasue of the dedication to our mission that we can continue to provide assistance to low income homeowners in Henry County. We have the absolute BEST volunteers.

Thanks to our sponsors!

We could not complete the large amount of work we do every year without the support of our local and national sponsors. Our local donations support our year round projects, home modifications and wheelchair ramps in addition to assisting with the completion of our home repair projects. This year's sponsors include:

  • Lowes
  • Wells Fargo Housing Foundation
  • Mel Foster Co
  • Geneseo Foundation
  • Hazelwood Homes
  • Alexander Lumber
  • Anchor Lumber
  • Central Bank
  • First Lutheran Church
  • Geneseo Communications Foundation
  • Durian Builders
  • Geneseo Community Chest
  • Henry County Independent Insurance Agents
  • Wirth Inc.
  • Home Depot Foundation
  • Sears Corporation, Heroes at Home

You can help support our year-round wheelchair ramp and home modifications program by donating today! Donate online or mail your donation to RTGC, PO Box 254, Geneseo, IL 61254

Special Information

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