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Milestone Ramp Projects Completed

Ramp Crew

Imagine suddenly being confined to a wheelchair and living in a home that requires steps for access. That is the frequent dilemma for area homeowners requesting the services of Rebuilding Together Henry County's wheelchair ramp program.

Thanks to our dedicated ramp crew, our 97th ramp project was constructed in Geneseo for an elderly woman with mobility issues. Our 98th and 99th Ramp are just around the corner  with 100th closely behind that.

Part of our home modifications program, the wheelchair ramps give our neighbors with mobility issues an easier way to come and go from home, allowing them to travel to the doctor, to the store, to visit family or to just get outside for a change of scenery. Constructed out of treated lumber, the modular sections "float" on the ground and are constructed to meet all safety and American with Disabilities Act codes and increase access to the home. Rebuilding Together returns annual to provide weatherization for all exposed wood.

Thanks to our ramp crew who provides this special service.

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About Our Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair Ramp

Our low-incline ramps afford persons with mobility issues to come and go as they need.

Treated wood (Rebuilding Together Henry County checks and treats annually, as long as the ramp is installed)

Temporary, "floats" on the ground

Modular sections for slope and for turning and resting

At least a 1 to 12 slope

Includes handrails and safety features that meet ADA code